Motorcycle Helmet

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or also known as NHTSA says that when comparing riders on a motorcycle and those in an automobile the rider of the motorcycle is 35% more More »

I Was the Victim in a Motorcycle Accident

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you have exactly the same rights as victims of automobile accidents. Unfortunately you may not be treated equally by the insurance companies. They may More »

Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

You may remember that Lieutenant Colonel T.E. Lawrence – better known as “Lawrence of Arabia” – was one of Britain’s leading military officers during the Great War. What you may not know More »

Avoiding Dangerous Motorcycle

Motorcycles have transitioned from being novelty vehicles to being practical modes of transportation. Many Americans use motorcycles as their primary vehicles, as they tend to have better gas mileage than traditional automobiles More »

What Are The Average Motorcycle Insurance

Average motorcycle insurance rates depend on how much of an accident risk your insurance company deems you and your bike to be. While motorcycle fatalities have declined over the last couple of More »

Motorcycle Helmet

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or also known as NHTSA says that when comparing riders on a motorcycle and those in an automobile the rider of the motorcycle is 35% more likely to get injured or killed in an accident that involves another automobile compared to the lower rate of injury or death of the rider in the automobile. If the motorcycle rider is wearing a motorcycle helmet he is not as likely to sustain serious head injuries and has a greater chance of surviving the accident.

In many state wearing a motorcycle helmet has become a requirement while in other states it is still up to the rider to choose whether they wear a helmet or not. Even though wearing a motorcycle helmet is not required in some states many riders still choose to wear them simply for the safety and protection the helmet gives them. By making sure the helmet fits the rider correctly his head is greater protected against injury in the event of an accident. For almost every motorcycle rider, safety is extremely important.

For some riders the desire to wear a helmet

Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

You may remember that Lieutenant Colonel T.E. Lawrence – better known as “Lawrence of Arabia” – was one of Britain’s leading military officers during the Great War. What you may not know is that he was an avid motorcyclist – and that his love for motorcycles ultimately led to his untimely demise in 1935 at the relatively young age of 46 – less than two months after retiring from the Royal Air Force.

The law of torts as it is applied to road accidents had not been fully defined at the time, nor did the colonel have a family who might have filed a posthumous motorcycle accident claim on his behalf, either against the families of the two boys on push bikes whom he swerved to avoid or those responsible for the maintenance of the road (actually, under the specific circumstances of Lawrence’s fatal accident, it is doubtful that anyone would have been found liable). The tragedy did however lead to the widespread use of crash helmets that have saved thousands of motorcyclists since.

The use of crash helmets by motorcyclists is now mandatory in most countries, including

Avoiding Dangerous Motorcycle

Motorcycles have transitioned from being novelty vehicles to being practical modes of transportation. Many Americans use motorcycles as their primary vehicles, as they tend to have better gas mileage than traditional automobiles and may allow individuals to get through traffic faster.

As with any automobile, it is important that anyone operating a motorcycle do so with safety in mind. The most important safety measures a biker should take is to wear a helmet. Helmets provide head and brain safety, protecting drivers from serious neurological injuries.

After hitting the road, there are many other things bikers can do to keep themselves safe. Some of the most important safety measures that a biker should observe include:

  • Refraining from tailgating automobile drivers
  • Avoiding other drivers’ blind spots
  • Avoiding sudden lane changes

While these tips may help reduce the likeliness of an accident, they will not guarantee complete safety. Ultimately, the other drivers on the road must follow proper road safety also. Many drivers, however, fail to do so for a number of reasons.

Some drivers may disregard motorcycles on the road, failing to pay attention until an accident is about

I Was the Victim in a Motorcycle Accident

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you have exactly the same rights as victims of automobile accidents. Unfortunately you may not be treated equally by the insurance companies. They may see you as a risk taker and may not give you the benefit of the doubt. The problem with motorcycle safety is this: the things that most protect you from injury are the very same things that inhibit your freedom of movement, which is the reason you’re riding a motorcycle in the first place.

The freedom of motorcycling also brings the greater risk of serious injury or death. No matter how safely you drive your motorcycle, for example if you have your lights on and a helmet in place, many drivers simply do not see motorcyclists until it’s too late. And if you suffer severe head injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence, but you are still alive, you likely will not be compensated for any injury received that you could have been prevented by wearing a helmet.

Regardless of your riding style, it is crucial that you carry insurance, especially medical payments along with uninsured motorist protection. Insurance law in some states

What Are The Average Motorcycle Insurance

Average motorcycle insurance rates depend on how much of an accident risk your insurance company deems you and your bike to be. While motorcycle fatalities have declined over the last couple of years, insurance companies tend to see bikes as more risky than cars; thus, your rates for motorcycle insurance will probably be higher than for comparable auto insurance. There are several factors that control how much you pay for motorcycle insurance.

Type of Bike – High-powered sports bikes are more expensive to insure than other motorbikes. These bikes are harder to control; therefore, there’s a greater risk that you will get into an accident while driving a high-powered sports bike. The average motorcycle insurance rate on a sports bike may be close to double that of a lower-powered bike for this reason.

If you want to drive this kind of bike, it’s imperative that you take a driver’s safety course. Not only will this type of class help you become a safer motorcycle driver, but most insurance companies offer bikers a hefty discount if they complete a safety course.

Experience Level – Insurance companies also take your age, experience level and driving history into

Motorcycle Driving Lessons

For individuals who own a motorcycle, would like to buy one, or simply want to rent one for a weekend ride, the option to first take motorcycle driving lessons is something you have to consider. This will ensure your optimal safety on the roads. In addition to teaching you proper hand signals, turning signals, how to use the controls on your bike, and how to ride, you are also going to learn all about defensive driving, and how to be as safe as possible when you are on the road. With so many threats to you while driving, especially on a motorcycle, the best instructors can truly help to keep you safe on your motorcycle. They will teach you how you can become less of a threat to others as well while you are on the road.

When you do choose to enroll in motorcycle driving lessons, you have to make sure that you take the lessons from highly trained individuals. You will want to find those instructors and schools that have been in business for years. Try to get references from past students. A little homework is in order here. You want to find the schools

Motorcycle Accidents

From Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones, to Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, there has always been a certain culture, image or mystique surrounding motorcycles. Ask any motorcycle rider what they love about riding and you will get answers like: I love the wind in my face, there’s nothing like the feeling of freedom on the open road, it’s the best way to see the country, the power and sense of speed is exhilarating, it’s fun and it’s an adrenaline rush. Some may even say, “It’s the risk and danger of it.”

Whether riding a tricked out Harley, a classic Indian or just a daily commuter, there is just something about cruising down the highway or zipping through town on a motorcycle. In today’s economy of high gas prices, they can offer an affordable alternative when filling up at the pump. But there is also another side to motorcycles: accidents.

There is a saying among motorcyclists: “If you ride long enough, it’s not if you’re going to have an accident, it’s when“. And when those accidents happen they are far more likely to cause severe injury or death. Statistics show that on a per-mile driven basis, there are 35

Michigan Motorcycle Accidents and Your Rights

Most motorcyclists use every possible safety precaution. However, a mistake by another driver may be the cause of a motorcycle accident. In that situation, even the most careful and skilled motorcyclist is at risk of life-threatening injury.

In the United States, about 4,000 motorcyclists die on the highways every year. Traffic accidents injure another 67,000 motorcyclists annually in this country. Many survivors of motorcycle crashes suffer serious injuries that require hospitalization, surgery, and long-term medical treatment. Victims often, never fully regain their ability to return to work or resume family responsibilities.

Even if a motorcycle accident victim fully recovers, the accident can take its toll. An individual may lose time and income from work, need help with household chores, and have to cope with the pain of injuries and necessary medical treatments. In short, a serious motorcycle accident can significantly change the victim’s life — temporarily or even permanently. That is why, if you or a family member is involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to protect your rights.

Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan

The facts about Michigan motorcycle accidents are clear. In 2005, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning reported 120

Motorcycles Offer a Fuel Efficient

At a time when many people across the globe are reeling from financial hardship, commuters are looking for ways to save some money on the cost of fuel.  Motorcycles offer a new alternative to standard cars and trucks and have begun to gain popularity recently, particularly amongst younger working males.  According to the United States Bureau of Transportation statistics, the average fuel efficiency for a passenger car is approximately 23 miles per gallon.  Although there are no set standards for motorcycle fuel efficiency, most manufactures and government officials say that most bikes average well over 50 miles per gallon.  If you begin to compare motorcycles against the efficiency of large trucks and SUVs, the advantages become even more noticeable.

Since motorcycles are relatively light and typically carry a single passenger, fuel consumption is affected by a number of factors that are somewhat negligible when determining the efficiency of most automobiles.  The biggest factor tends to be the weight of the passenger.  Heavier passengers or cargo will reduce the efficiency of the motorcycle, as the engine must work harder to support the movement of the additional weight.  Wind flow and aerodynamics also play a large role.  Automobiles are

Second Hand Motorcycle Deal

The purchase of second hand automobiles is a subject that interests many. The purpose of the purchase is to get a good automobile at cheap cost. Middle class people mostly purchase the Motorcycles as the mileage of the motorcycles is better in comparison with scooters. The second hand motorcycle deals have benefits of less cost of the automobile; no automobile loan is required. The deals have certain pitfalls as greater maintenance cost and lower insurance claims values of the motorcycle.

A good deal has a recently manufactured (within 1-2 years) and less than 5000 km run of the motorcycle. The buyer prefers most popular brands (Hero Honda, Kinetic, Bajaj in India) as the spares are easily available and resale value is good.

The following factors may be helpful to decide on a good motorcycle deal:

Condition of the piston and block unit – irregular noise on acceleration while the engine runs indicates defective unit

Tyres- weared rubber grip on the tyres is a bad indicator

Seat – sit and notice the softness of the seat- hard seats may require replacement of the cushion

Covering panels- check the color and fit of panels

How To Get Approved For A High Risk Motorcycle Loan

Are you in the market for a motorcycle, but have bad credit and need a high risk motorcycle loan? Well don’t worry the goal of this article is provide you everything you need to know about getting approved for a high risk motorcycle loan.

First you must understand how motorcycle lenders go about classifying you as high risk. On the average, when a motorcycle lender is looking to approve any motorcycle financing they have a much higher cut off in the credit score range than an auto lender. This exists whether you have good or bad credit.

So with that said an auto lender may approve a FICO credit score of 610 as not a high risk, but a motorcycle lender would most likely classify a FICO credit score of 610 as a high risk motorcycle loan and may not offer an approval on it.

There are two reasons for this:

1. Motorcycles are much harder to repossess in good condition than an automobile. As a result of this simple fact, if you default on your motorcycle loan it is a higher risk to the motorcycle lender than an automobile lender because it is

Motorcycles Vs Cars: An Ongoing Debate

Although it is difficult to trace the first motorcycle back to its origins, the first prototype motorcycle came into being in Paris in 1867. It was little more than a steam-powered bicycle called a Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede. Then in 1884, the first commercial design of a motorcycle appeared in England. This was a full two years before Karl Benz, of Mercedes-Benz fame, was credited with creating the first automobile that was powered by an internal combustion engine. It wasn’t until 1894, however, that Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebran partnered with Alois Wolfmuller to create the first mass-produced motorcycle. It would not be until more than a decade later that the mass production of automobiles began.

There is a lot of information to be found about the development of the various types of engines that were tried before the internal combustion engine met with such great success. It’s a lot more difficult to track exactly how and why contention exists between many motorcyclists and automobile drivers. Even with well over a century of traveling the roadways together, there still seems to be those bikers who think that drivers needlessly endanger them, and there are those drivers who seem to

The Invention of Motorcycles Created a Need For Motorcycle

Is history important? At times, we have the notion that we should leave history in the past. Perhaps we argue that all we have is the present. Maybe we feel disconnected from events that happened years, decades, or even centuries ago. Possibly, we believe that today’s innovations have made yesteryear obsolete. However, a product’s history provides us with a better understanding of, and appreciation for, today’s versions of the product. So before you strap on your Harley Davidson motorcycle boots, remember that without the motorcycle, no need for motorcycle boots would exist!

The “first” motorcycle

When did someone invent the first motorcycle? One could argue that the American Howard Roper achieved that success, in 1867. The reason why his invention was arguably the first motorcycle is that a steam engine powered it, unlike today’s machines.

Roughly two decades later, in 1885, a German named Gottlieb Daimler created the first motorcycle that contained a gas engine. In actuality, Daimler’s invention was technically a wooden bicycle that a gas engine powered. Thus, the motorcycle was actually a four-wheeler!

Training wheels, an engine, and Otto

Besides the first gas-powered motorcycle resembling a bicycle, it also contained

What Automobile Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles

This article will discuss the characteristics of motorcycles in everyday traffic situations. Automobile drivers, also known as Cagers, need to be aware that a motorcyclist will often slow down their motorcycle by down shifting or by simply rolling off the throttle. What this means is that the brake light is not activated. Given this knowledge, we advise that motorists allow more following distance to give motorcyclists and yourself more room to maneuver. Common sense also dictates that you predict a motorcyclist may slow down at intersections without visual warning.

Motorcyclists use both their turn signals and hand motions to announce a lane change or turn. Some motorcyclist forgets to cancel their turn signals. Although newer models have built in self-canceling turn signals, some beginners and experts may still forget to cancel their signal. So, make sure a motorcycle’s signal is valid.

A motorcyclist will often adjust their position within their lane. This is mainly for better visibility, to avoid debris, and to minimize affects of weather and other vehicles. This behavior should not be interpreted as reckless driving. If anything, it will help you, the Cager, be aware of the motorcyclist.

Since a motorcycle is

Comparing Automobile Vs Motorcycle Gas Mileage

Have you ever tried to drive an automobile? How about a motorcycle? Were you able to know and note their differences? Especially in this times where gas prices now at uprising as if it was like a space rocket that many customers have begun to search for substitute methods of transportation that can help them save money.

It is in here where gas mileage was only one feature or consideration in buying a car. In our present time, where gas prices are still increasing with the fear of breaking its record high, gas mileage factor has turned into the most considered and most important factor in buying a car.

Due to the existing and continuous soaring fuel prices, it’s interesting to note why gas motorcycle sales are flourishing. It is in here where the motorcycle mileage is incredible especially if you want something that can really be of big help in your savings.

In comparison, a gas powered motorcycle can get up to 100 miles of gas mileage per gallon. Seemingly, in a small car, if driven sensibly only gets around 38-43 miles per gallon. It is in here where a lot of trucks and

Motorcycles and You

There are few things as freeing as a motorcycle. With a motorcycle, you are in the open air, seeing the country and the city, with nothing between you and the rest of the world. Unlike a car, where you are surrounded on all sides, there is a freedom and an element of danger to motorcycles that appeal to many people. This is especially true in Los Angeles, which has one of the highest per capita rates of motorcycles in the entire country.

A motorcycle is defined as a single-track, two-wheeled vehicle that can be designed for racing, cruising, long distance travel or for off-road riding. They are much more affordable than other modes of transportation, and that makes them very popular. In fact, for many countries, motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation with the world’s largest motorcycle markets being China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. They are so affordable that even with the 2008 downturn of the economy, the motorcycle market still grew by 6.5 percent.

Of course, since there are no air bags or steel shell to protect you like in a car, you have to be very careful when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles have

Facts on Automobiles and Motorcycles Mileage

When an economic phenomenon known as the “oil price hike” hit the global market in the seventies, consumers and motorists alike began searching for other means of transportation. In the past, fuel efficiency in a vehicle was but a minor factor in choosing a car or a truck. Today, however, when gas prices rise week after week, gas mileage has become an imperative facet in purchasing a vehicle. But motorists are finding out that even the most fuel-efficient cars are no match to the rapid fuel price inflation.

Alongside the current condition concerning automobiles and their mileage is the gas motorcycle boom. People have been discovering that motorcycle mileage fares way better than that of an automobile. Compared to even a well-driven small car, motorcycle mileage seems to get the upper hand. This is made evident in the 100 miles a gas-powered motorcycle run with just a gallon against some 40 to 45 miles a gallon for a small car. And if a gas is priced at $5.00 a gallon, a motorcycle owner is therefore, ensured to run 100 miles with just $5.00. Mileage-wise, of course the motorcycle is a way more cost-efficient ride compared to a

Lawsuit Loans, Settlement Loans, And Motorcycle

Many individuals sustain injuries each year in motorcycle crashes. Due to the extensive medical attention that is often required following such incidents, many of these individuals find themselves in need of either lawsuit loans or settlement loans.

What are the unique aspects of motorcycle crashes that make them very likely to result in serious injury? The obvious answer is the size of the motorcycle that impacts another object, often an automobile. In many instances, the end-result is disastrous!

I’d encourage individuals to drive with care at all times, but it is vital that motorists be keenly aware of the potential of someone on a motorcycle on the roadway with them. In many instances, it is the automobile driver who fails to observe the oncoming motorcycle. I’ve seen many instances in which the occupant of the motorcycle, if he/she survives, requires tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical attention. Thus, these individuals often find themselves in need of lawsuit funding in the form of your lawsuit loans or settlement loans.

A few the motorcycle crashes of which I’ve been made aware involve 18-wheelers, commercial trucks (e.g., large trucks), automobiles, and, believe it or not, other

Purchasing a New Automobile

Should you be considering the purchase of an automobile, there are some common traps that you will be smart to elude. Continue reading to find out how you can obtain the best deal from your bargaining.

As you are dealing with a salesperson at an automobile dealership, you want to make certain that you maintain the position of control. Making sure that the salesperson is aware of the fact that you are looking solely for the best price with no regard for loyalty to any dealership should keep him off balance. You must drive the dialogue.

As you affirm your place as the one controlling the negotiations, do not forget that the salesperson is not your buddy. Do not establish an amicable relationship with a salesperson until you have signed the forms and the deal is done. Up to that time, he is just representing the dealership in your particular business deal.

The salesperson surely will try to create a friendship with you since such a personal empathy will increase the probability that you will agree to unfavorable prices and terms. It is for this reason that you must maintain the relationship as a serious

Importance of Motorcycle Safety Gear

Riding motorcycles is a form of transportation that is associated with high risk; however, riders have many opportunities to invest in safety gear that may protect their health and wellbeing. Unlike automobiles, motorcycles do not offer any form of barrier between their drivers and any debris or weather that may be harmful. Ensuring that your body is properly covered and shielded from hazards can be extremely helpful in maintaining safety on the road.

Types of Motorcycle Safety Gear

Finding the right type of safety gear for your riding style is important for every motorcyclist. Riders should take into consideration their local climate, geography, and any preferences they have regarding the fit of their safety gear. The safety essentials for most riders will include:

  • Helmet- Protecting your head is extremely important for riders. A helmet should fit snugly around the face and head in order to protect the motorcyclist fully without becoming an obstruction.
  • Jacket- Finding a model that is weather resistant, durable, and long sleeved is helpful in keeping a rider safe from unsuspecting changes in weather or debris.
  • Boots- Should be strong enough to protect the foot, toe, and ankle.
  • Gloves- Come in many different designs, and