Second Hand Motorcycle Deal

The purchase of second hand automobiles is a subject that interests many. The purpose of the purchase is to get a good automobile at cheap cost. Middle class people mostly purchase the Motorcycles as the mileage of the motorcycles is better in comparison with scooters. The second hand motorcycle deals have benefits of less cost of the automobile; no automobile loan is required. The deals have certain pitfalls as greater maintenance cost and lower insurance claims values of the motorcycle.

A good deal has a recently manufactured (within 1-2 years) and less than 5000 km run of the motorcycle. The buyer prefers most popular brands (Hero Honda, Kinetic, Bajaj in India) as the spares are easily available and resale value is good.

The following factors may be helpful to decide on a good motorcycle deal:

Condition of the piston and block unit – irregular noise on acceleration while the engine runs indicates defective unit

Tyres- weared rubber grip on the tyres is a bad indicator

Seat – sit and notice the softness of the seat- hard seats may require replacement of the cushion

Covering panels- check the color and fit of panels on the motorcycle, for loose fits and weared color avoid purchase

Power transmission- check the noise of chain while the motorcycle operates- for noisy chain avoid purchase

Shock absorbers- oil leaks and soft shock absorbers are not preferable

Headlights and indicator – check if these are working

Gear operation – operate the gears at various different speeds of the motorcycle to check operation